21 Nov 2022

Adham Abu Al-Nasr, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Specialized Energy Technology Company, confirmed that the “Begin” initiative to support and localize national industries was a dream for Egyptian investors and manufacturers, saying: “We cannot be consumers and we must be producers.”

Abu Al-Nasr pointed out, in a telephone interview, via the Extra News channel, the importance of the Egyptian product remaining as an example of leadership in all countries, explaining that the Egyptian experience in settling the national industry will be tried and implemented in very many countries in the world.

He continued: The era we live in now helps the Egyptians to start work and struggle and encourages them to produce new products that were only imported from abroad, praising the role of Egyptian labor and the Egyptian worker who is very skilled to adapt to any situation, no matter how difficult.

He continued: We specialize in the manufacture of electric generators that run on diesel engines, as there were many opportunities to invest in the manufacture of these generators in other countries, but the state encouraged us to invest in Egypt and provided us with an infrastructure for investment that we had not dreamed of before.